Friday, October 23, 2015

Hurricane! El Niño! Hot Hot Weather!

Please pray for Mexico and especially for Camalu! Where we live is a very unpopulated part of Camalu towards the middle of Baja California North. We are far from the hurricanes however we live in the desert and the drought is effecting all of us! 
For me it has been about a 6 month spiritual drought! Although I love the hot weather I do not like having a dry spirit! I have to admit I can not tell you exactly when it happen or what caused it but what I do know is that the whole time God has been there with me! Calling me and holding me! 

I have been a little lost at fighting the battle of changing hearts and not cultures but I know when hearts change cultures will change too. However I get very defensive when I see the kids are being effected by cultural things especially when it comes to witch craft and false teaching!  
In my quiet time this morning sitting on the bathroom floor at 5am in the cold it came to me! Do not grieve do not be afraid! Rejoice! 
So where did this come from it came from a verse in 1 Kings 11 Verse 22! If you look at a version other than NIV it says he brought back apes and peacocks! Why did they write that, why did they bring them. what did they do with them, where did they store them onboard, how did they capture them, when they arrived what was their purpose! Ok the peacocks I can imagine have beautiful feathers but apes, baboons, monkeys what ever the version you use! I lived on a ship for two years and I just have so many questions about the apes. I mean it is just this year I realized Noah had more than one pair of each animal on board! And that God destroyed EVER ONE else on the earth other than what was in the ark! 
Actually I think it was just so I could laugh and get out of the desert! Sometimes that is what I feel like a big ape trying to speak a foreign language, live in a culture and economy different than what I know. Raising a child in a world that I am daily learning to live in. 
I do not want to be perceived as King Kong trying to find the one he loves and showing love in his ape way! I want to be like Jesus so that others will want him! 
I am so tired of others tooting our horn! No we are not great we are not amazing we are just living for Jesus! Some days more than others, we want others to know Him because of His life changing power that has changed us and is changing us! 

PLEASE PRAY FOR A FLOOD! Not the one that has been predicted at our house but the one that the living water can bring! We need Jesus to flood our lives so that the sweet sweet water can over flow into others! 

This is our desert land the green you see is the overflow water from clothes and dish washing! The neighbors are prepared for the flood of rain but they need the flood of Jesus!