Wednesday, April 5, 2017

They Are Teens Now!!

Please pray for all you see in these old photos they are teens now and need your prayers! 
Yesterday I was talking to Marcos one of our junior high students and it just reminded me that this world is a hard place to live! 
A friend gave reminded me of the verse the other day that the poor you will have with you always. Well I am poor so I guess I will always be here lol. 
I do not care about peoples financial status I care about the poverty of heart. The other day we had a class at our house and the instructor asked me why we do it and then another person asked me how we do it. Both of my responses were Jesus! 

Thank you to all of those who give so that we can see lives changed daily! I know God will bless you because His word says it! Paulino and I laughed the other day when I told him the question HOW it truly is amazing all that we do. Yes we may seem to choose to be poor but it is not our choice but our desire to serve Jesus where ever He sends us. 
2 Corinthians 9 10 Now He who provides seed for the sower and bread for food will provide and multiply your seed for sowing [that is, your resources] and increase the harvest of your righteousness [which shows itself in active goodness, kindness, and love]. 11 You will be enriched in every way so that you may be generous, and this [generosity, administered] through us is producing thanksgiving to God [from those who benefit]. 12 For the ministry of this service (offering) is not only supplying the needs of the saints (God’s people), but is also overflowing through many expressions of thanksgiving to God.