Wednesday, November 26, 2014

God change the hearts of kings or US Consulate officials in this case!

On September 8 we went to what we thougt would be a 1 hour  appointment to process the paperwork for Gianna's certificate report of birth abroad. We left TJ Centro at 6am  to be at an 8am appt. in Otay Mesa. I assured Paulino it said on the website 1 hour average time at consulate so after we would go by Chelly's for breakfast!

Around noon we were called to the final window to swear and sign documents or so we thought. The lady informed us that I proved I was an American, married and gave birth to a baby girl.  However Gianna was not her and our only option would be to make an appt. for a DNA exam. I was sure she was mine because there were only two babies born that day at Buen Pastor and the other was very brown. I explained to her we were missionaries and DNA cost a lot so I would rather not make the appt. she then sent us to another window were a very nice gentlemen explained the process and gave us the next available appt. which happen to be November 13 at 1pm, our 3rd year anniversary!  He looked shocked when I said we were married.  He told us if we did not have the money by then to call since we had up to 90 days or they close her file and keep our $100.

After getting over the shock I decided to get more photos together and get her labs and docs from hospital, even a letter from the hospital director! I made another appointment for 10am November 13 incase God happened to provide the $395 we needed for the exam at the last moment since He is never late. We had enough money for gas but that was it. We borrowed money for food and tolls. At the very last minute Paulino's sister offered to lend us a hundred dollar bill which was strange but we said ok.  I asked for prayer and we went in faith knowing God was going to do a miracle this was confirmed by His word so many times.

Wednesday the four of us loaded into the car, with brakes that were metal to metal, and arrived in TJ at sunset where we were cooked a delicious dinner. The next morning we got up early with time to stop at Chely's two for one Birria since last time we were too heart broken to go. Also knowing that it could be more than one hour wait, we needed to eat. We got to the US Consulate in plenty of time to get Jose's wheelchair unloaded and go through the guards who actually are more like a welcoming committee.

Once inside the man took all the info and explained that only two agents were working, my thought of course was great less chance of the agent who obviously did not like us when we came the first time was not there!  When we were called the lady was very nice but asked a lot of questions about our marriage. I explained that part was already proven I was just bringing more evidence to prove Gianna is my birth daughter!  A few hours later Paulino was called into the interview room where the man told him he called Buen Pastor and they said the baby was not born there, I am pretty sure he was bluffing! He also said someone gave us the baby since I had a miscarriage in 2013! I am pretty sure people would not give a baby to a poor family!

A while later the lady called me back to the window returned my things to me and said the only way we could prove she was ours is DNA! I handed the baby to Paulino and I fell to the floor crying God help! Help them to see the truth! It had been confirmed again and again by His Word that He was doing a miracle! There were believers all over the world praying! Paulino just kept saying it will happen in God's time! By this time everyone had gone to lunch we were the last ones left. Once we got outside we stopped at the only snack shop to buy some granola bars for lunch since we decided to just drive back home.   We were paying a guard came out and said the official wants to speak with you, what official? He said we would need to return to the consulate, I knew God had showed them the truth!

We went through the security check all over again then the captain of the guard escorted us back to the consulate building. When we got to the window the woman asked what we wanted and why we came back! I said you called us what did you call us for? After we both put on very rude tones she said look the fact that you do not want to do the DNA shows you are lying! She said she heard her co worker give us another 6 months and she did not want us to come back until we were ready for the DNA! I left Paulino with her he just kept saying that is fine it is in God's hands.  As always I was trying to help God, remembering I had the $100 bill! I asked the nice guy who was already helping others with their DNA exams if we could pay the technician and then call the lab in San Diego and pay over the phone the next day. He said yes since they would courier the tests the next afternoon I figured if we could not sale the suburban we could scrap it for at least the $350 we needed.

We knew we needed to get home in order to find a place to scrap the suburban. So I drove over to Morita to visit Janeth who had gone back into the hospital, so we got back into the car and headed back to Centro to pack the car and head home. The only problem was I could not find the highway going west to where we needed to go. After 2 hours Paulino finally took over and we made it back to Centro at dark. Thursday November 13 also happened to be the Baja 1000, starting in Ensenada, so we did not want to be on the curvy road at night. So we decided to leave the next morning and get home in plenty of time to get the cash in the bank and call the lab.

I had just finished feeding Gianna when Paulino woke up ready to get on the road. I convinced him we could let the kids sleep at least until 8am then head out in plenty of time.  Around 8 while he was loading the car his phone rang and it was the consulate on the phone saying they have changed their minds that they were giving Gianna her papers! So we threw the kids in the car and rushed over to order her U.S. passport?

The guards a little amazed that we were bold enough to come back after what happen the day prior. When we got to the window it was the same woman I had words with the day before!  She was all smiles and said how great God was with us and what a testimony to Paulino's faith since he kept saying give it to God!  It will happen in his time! I told her I know how great God is that is why I was so distraught yesterday! She knew it was God that changed their minds and she gave Him all the glory!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Praising God!

15 Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love
    and his wonderful deeds for mankind,
16 for he breaks down gates of bronze
    and cuts through bars of iron.

It is very important to praise Him in all things for this is will of God for our lives! Yet will I praise Him before I see the miracle!

There is so much we can do if we sit at His feet and depend on Him alone! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Simple Bag Of Food

What can you do with a reusable shopping bag?
Can you build a house? Change a life? Save a life? 

One Saturday morning almost two years ago My friend Jill, a missionary with YWAM Chico, gave me some extra despensas (a reusable bag with basic foods like rice and beans) her team had left overs. Her simple instructions: "take these to poor people". So that is exactly what I did that weekend. I came to Camalu and asked my in-laws to show me the poorest people. The nieces loaded into the pickup and off we went. The first stop some very small rental rooms where many women were outside washing. One woman had what looked like a baby swaddled to her back. Juan Carlos was actually 5 and was fed pure liquids because of major health issues, he just recently went to Heaven. His parents introduced us to Alfredo's parents, a 7 year old playing outside in the dirt alone since he is non verbal and can not walk. Juan Carlos' father then got in the pickup and guided us to a one room rental house where we met Christian and his family. I prayed for each family and gave them a bag of food. We met some other families which we still have contact with to this day.
After this is when I was put on bed-rest while pregnant with Gianna until I reached 7 1/2 months in the end of January 2014. While we were loading the cars to move to Camalu a family came over with a boy walking crooked. At first I did not remember them. At their house we had prayed for Christian to walk and be more mentally alert. I also encouraged them to contact Shriners in TJ. Well on this day they had come to re enter their son Christian into the special needs school. The first time he was not able to behave in a classroom setting. Now he was walking better and functioning at a higher level. They asked where we were moving and I told them Camalu near the baseball park, come by anytime. About a month later there was a knock on the trailer door and the 5 of them, the 3 of us crammed into the trailer and started building a relationship.
We found out that all three children are special needs, Vania has a hereditary blood disorder, Christian has CP, and Eduardo the smallest has yet to be diagnosed. Since Jose has DMD we are able to relate to their struggles for good and knowledgeable medical care. We encouraged them again to contact Shriners and any other doors they could and see which one God opened. Praise God Christian was able to get into the program in TJ. More about the door God opened for Vania later. Eduardo is going to have more testing to rule out the heredity problem.
In April Jill brought an amazing group from Colorado to build our house. On Thursday night after the house dedication the group went with Paulino to the trash dump. Jill not feeling well stayed behind with me to pray, we have been prayer partners for a few years. That night Oscar, Gume and the family came to see our house. As we were talking with them God touched Jills heart that this family needed a house. They had been renting a room that all 5 of them lived in. We prayed for them and off they went until a month or so later they came to tell us they had purchased land!
Well within a few months of praying and a lot of leg work Jill had a team, some of which had just been on a house build and met the family when we went to share the love of Jesus and pass out despensas in there neighborhood. The team and many others went above and beyond by providing them an indoor bathroom with roll in shower. Paulino was blessed to be a part of this knowing how thankful we are to have our indoor bathroom.
In June 2014 while in the hospital when Gianna had Jaundice a nurse found out that we have a special needs son and we live in Camalu! Later I found out her parents are missinaries to South America from Oscar and Gume's church. Off the record she asked if we would be willing to visit a former patient of hers. Eva a 7 year old with severe CP who happens to look amazingly like my friend Sandra! Well a few weeks later with just directions and the names her dad Adam and her name Eve we found them! Just over 3 years ago Eva's mom went to the emergency room one day with a headaches and died that night. Gilberto the 15 year old brother now takes care of Princess Eva.
A few weeks later Jill took the team to Eva's part of town and we invited Pastora Olivia who preaches at our church and also the church near Eva's house. There they met Eva's 11 year old brother Elvis and blessed him with a bag of food, a backpack full of school supplies, he was the only one in school at the time. (Eva's story will have to wait). A few days later Pastora Olivia was at our house when Gume and Oscar stopped by and we told them she was now giving Eva's family a ride to church on Sundays!
Olivia took Gume and Vania one day to share Jesus with Eva's family since she could relate as a CP parent, then they stopped by our house.(our house is open 24/7 in this culture people stop by could be 5 minutes or 5 hours. This day Hermana Rosie, who happens to live close to Jill, was at my mother in laws cooking a huge pot of Arroz con puerco! Rosie had meet Olivia when Rosie made a Carne Asada for our kids and we had so much we invited the whole town! When Rosie met Vania she feel in love with her! Rosie being a nurse found out about Vania needing a vaccination that is not covered by insurance and when she went back home she learned more about the vaccination. About a month later someone from up north brought us a package with a tambourine and cash! Both of which were just in time for Vania's birthday! We finally found the only doctor in SQ who happens to deal with rare cases and made an appointment for Saturday. The most amazing thing is he only comes twice a month since he is the pediatric director of the general hospital in Ensenada!
So this brings me back to the question what can you do with a reusable shopping bag? One thing I know is God is not limited to what He can do with one! We are called to be His hands and feet where ever we are!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Prayer and Praise URGENT

We have some huge praise reports that also include praying for future blessings on them also!

Praise God Jose and a few others are in Christ center rehabs! Jose is the man from Santa Barbara that has not seen his family in 15 years! We met him 3 years ago living in a rental room strung out on drugs!

Praise God Gianna was born safely and is a very healthy happy beautiful 4 month old girl!

Praise God we have a home and is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for those in need! Praising God we have been blessed with clothes and food to give away and help the people. Paulino has also taught people how to build their own houses!

HUGE prayer requests! Please pray for Christina's Mexican Visa and Gianna's American papers!

Prayer for all of those that will come to the liquor store on the corner by our house! We are looking forward to ministering to many addicts. Also if it does not do well maybe we can buy it for a dining room to feed those in need!

Please pray for our earthy families and the families we minister to! Sometimes we want to solve all the problems!  We know that God is the solution and the only TRUE ANSWER!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


God has be so good to us a hurricane passed in the southern part of Baja but all it brought us was a shower. The men at the dump do not have sufficient housing for a hurricane or big rain. It looks like it rained in the mountains which will bring water to our town in time.
Please pray or for so many more houses going up in the Vicente Guerrero Trash Dump! We see lives being changed in both dumps Camalu and VG!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014


URGENT PRAYER! Paulino Martinez Roque is on his way to the trash dumps to take food and water and see if there is any other ways we can help them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their houses are not rain proof in any way and the only we may be able to get in with the rain is the suburban and that is not even sure! PLEASE PRAY!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Life is getting back to normal we have been meeting families and giving them clothes and seniors too! We had so much left over that we called all of our large size neighbors and there kids and allowed them to choose clothes also. We had a lot of large size clothes given to us recently! 

The kids are back and they are hungry since I always am feeding the baby it leaves Paulino to do the cooking and they are very happy about that! 

Paulino has taught his brother in law and family had to build their own house and now he is teaching the teens! This will keep them out of the camps where the fumigation is heavy and the days pay is less than $10US! They are going to have to have a balanced life with Jesus first! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

This is why we live where we live and do what we do! PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY AND SO MANY OTHERS LIKE THEM! 
This is Princess Eva and her 4 Princes! Jildago is her 15 year old brother who takes care of her and the house every day! Elvis the little one is in 5th grade. Adam the dad and David the 13 year old work in the camps in San Quintin every day! 3 years ago the mom woke with a headache died when she got to emergency! Yesterday Paulino and Jose took them to get a wheel chair from Dirk and then brought them by the house where we loaded them up with clothes and manna packs and beans and rice! Eva has cerebral palsy and uses diapers. We are praying that they will be able to have a house built for them next year! We have introduced them to our pasotra and she picks them up for church every sunday where Eva loves the worship! She has an amazing heart and her brothers are so humble! Please pray they all come to know Jesus! 

Jose has a HUGE heart but no sense of money lol! 
Yesterday we had our last 10 pesos sitting next to the water jug waiting for the man to drive by and sale us a bottle of water! Kind of like Mexican Sparkletts! 
Jose was sitting at the kitchen table while I was feeding Gianna and I hear him yell STOP! The guy does not stop happens to be his father´s favorite bakery car! Jose then grabs two 2 peso coins and goes speeding down the street with the neighbors now yelling STOP! 
He reaches the car and tells the guy he wants to buy two sweet bread his for his dad and then hands the guy the 4 pesos! The guy says you are short 7 pesos and then looks up and sees me running down the street with a blanket over Gianna, still trying to feed her and no shoes on with the other 6 pesos! 
What I did not know is when the guy sees me coming he says here comes your mom Jose says oh no I am in trouble for leaving the house with out asking gotta go bye bye! Jose tells his dad this part later. Although we really wanted to have drinking water, the love of his dad is so much better than any glass of water! 

Monday, June 30, 2014

God´s Amazing Provision

I so wish I could post pictures! This past week has been like Christmas! Friday we went to a church that had a doctor and she had tons of Montelukast for Jose! About $1000 US dollars worth! During the week someone took me grocery shopping and someone brought me groceries. Yesterday some amazing woman made me vegetable lasagna! The other day Gianna was given an amazing stroller and a baby carrier! Paulino Martinez Roque got a pair of brand new shoes and $20 which he kindly shared with us! Many really poor people we know were given shoes actually it started on Friday and we are still giving them away. Just found another poor family we did not know about! It is so nice to give testimony to God´s provision but it is GREAT to share the provision!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

WOW! I wish I could post a picture! Last night we went to a healing and miracle service at a church that had dentist and doctors and hair cutting in the morning! Jose went up for prayer he really wants to walk and enjoy his sister more! But the big miracle that happened actually happened before the service after the hair cutting! Paulino Martinez Roque brought Jose from the trash dump he is the youngest guy living there now 17 and he is the only original guy still living there after 2 1/2 years of God taking us to the dump! He gave his heart to Jesus and the church took him in immediately under their covering and to see him clapping during worship and down on his knees during prayer! For just this one my whole life is worth it!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure that is what Jesus said yesterday!!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

 Although Paulino’s life is testimony enough to God’s power and miracles. His nieces and nephew have witnessed the transforming power in many ways in his life and enjoy going with him to help others come out of the lifestyle of addiction. Addictions so bad that it would lead grown men and teenage boys to live at the trash dump scavenging for anything they can to sale so they can buy drugs.  The kids love to go with him and help serve the food and hear their uncle share the TRUTH and at the same time they are able to hear the truth also.  The recent return of residents to the Vicente Guerrero Trash Dump is heart breaking this was one of the few dumps where people were not allowed to live previously. (As I am typing this I get a knock on the door and there is Flaka and a friend who we have ministered to for the past two years. She came to get some manna packs to feed her family. Years ago she was married and lived in Chicago. She was telling her friend by God’s grace I will never get desperate enough to live at the dump, she does go there to scavange and find treasures or recyclables.)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Camalu walking your dog includes a few cows too!

I guess he was tired of peddling! So he just grabed a tail and hung on. 

This German shepherd thinks he is a cattle dog! 


Life, Death, Eternal Life

Many people have asked me why I do not go to the states to have my baby.  My baby will be American in whatever country she is born in because I am American. However there is better medical care in the states. (I will have to get a birth certificate and passport for her here at the American Consulate before she can cross).
Well all I can say are these three words above LIFE, DEATH, ETERNAL LIFE!
God knows where I am and the LIFE He has brought me to. He knows that I have a son that is facing DEATH and it can happen any day. He also knows that I already have a little one with Him living ETERNAL LIFE.  Also Jose’s two half brothers are with Him. 
I have thought and prayed a lot about it and yes sometimes I do get frustrated and want to go to the states for better medical care. Maybe that is why God had to put me on bed rest from 6 weeks pregnant. In 1996 in the TJ trash dump doing ministry God had given me the verses of Jeremiah 29:11-14 especially verse 13. Again in 2011 at our wedding Pastor Nills read verse 11 this is not a normal wedding verse and he had no idea of what had happen 15 years prior.  But it was a reminder to me of when God had told me years ago I would live in Baja. However like so many people I thought that everyone here knew Jesus. (Well that is soooo far from the truth).
In 1999 I left to go to OM Ships and serve God, most of the time I felt like Jonah knowing one day they were going to come and through me off. I continued to serve God on board in many countries seeing the miracles that only God can do in our lives and in others lives.  Then I came back to the states to live a normal LIFE since my heart was in the Middle East and in 2001 those doors shut!  In 2003 I returned to L.A. trying to live a normal LIFE going to church and working.  I found the most amazing church HCC and thought wow I am going to be here forever however God sent perfect strangers to pray for me and speak into my life that He was moving me back to where he took me from. I had no idea what that meant but it included words like your heart’s desire and seeking Him with all of my heart. Trusting HIM to provide everything!
So in 2009 I said ok God what does ALL my heart look like. He began to show me bringing me to Mexico for what I thought would be a few weeks and we are now in April 2014! Getting married and having children were never on my plans of LIFE. Especially after burying Jose’s half brothers I said I would never want to bury my own child. I now focus on his LIFE and not his DEATH however this does not mean I ignore the fact that it can happen any day with a simple heart attack or the rest of his lungs that are not already hard to can harden and fill fast. Javi and Feliz died 4 days apart at 16 and 14 so many of us thought  Jose would not live past 12. The hard part of Duchenne is that it is worse with each son the mother has.
On March 13 of 2013 when I was 10 weeks pregnant with my very first child at the age of 43 my child or children as I like to imagine twins. Went to be with Jesus, I decided to call them Paulino and Paulina since he would never really allow me to name them with his name.  I was shocked a few weeks prior to find out I was pregnant  Jose had been telling me for over a month that he had prayed to God that he would get to met his little brother before he went to Heaven and that I was pregnant. Well we were both shocked that the babies went to heaven (not sure they were twins but I would loved to have twins.) He was mad at God and wanted to know why God loved his brothers more than him and left him on this earth while he has taken all of the others to be with Jesus where they are health and walking. I explained it is because he needs to share the love of Jesus here on earth and his dad and I are selfish and want him to stay.
Then the one of the other thoughts I have had to deal with is if I am not here or cannot get back here when Jose goes to Heaven. I want to be at his side when he walks through the gates of Heaven. Also if my baby inside of me right now dies I want her dad to hold her and know her. Or if I die I want my son and husband to be able to say good bye. And plots are really expensive in the states; I never want to be burned but want to be buried even though it will just be my bones and not my soul. I will be with Jesus!
The above may sound crazy but when you deal with Muscular Dystrophy, crisis pregnancy and all the other things life has thrown our way. We know God is in control and I want to serve Him where ever He calls me. So many of our neighbors are poor financially like us, or do not have passports or even papers to prove who they are never the less be able to cross an international border to give their child better health. Sometimes trusting in God knowing He is breathing life into this beautiful girl and our lives are in His hands. Psalm 113 has been our life verse since we got married and decided to go to the trash dumps and the addicts but just recently the last verse has meant so much more to me! PLEASE DO NOT STOP PRAYING FOR US AND FOR GOD’S PERFECT WILL.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014



Well there is so much going on here and I have not been able to get the photos onto a USB to bring to the internet.
Sunday we had an amazing birthday party for Jose since he should already be in heaven we were going to give him a BIG party like they do for the girls here in Mexico! BUT I do not feel up to it right now.
At 10AM Paulino took me to emergency because I had not felt Grace move since the night before. When they did the ultrasound they said she is growing and needs more food and water. And that I should stay in bed. Well staying in bed is pretty impossible!  However I am doing better on the eating part.

Jose had an amazing time at his birthday and we took the left overs tot he guys at the trash dump who were very excited to eat chicken!

Please pray for Jose to have more years and for our entire family to be a testimony to the special needs families He has put in our paths.

Praise God Erica and Fabiola are back home. Every day they are eating with us and hanging out all day! Last night after dinner I sent them home at 9PM!
Pray because their mom and brothers stayed at their grammas! Pray for God to save their parents and heal their marriage!

Please pray for God´s hand of protection on Paulino as he finishes the house and for direction as what to do with the trailer.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Happy Jose

We have just completed our first week of living in our new house! For the first time in a long time Jose has not had to breath mold! It is amazing how well he sleeps through the nite! The other night he even argued with us that he wanted to wash dishes and we wanted to sleep! The most amazing thing is how much freedom he has had again. Paulino puts him into his wheelchair in the am and he is good to go all day. Today we were busy doing things around here I thought Jose was with Paulino, when he came over and asked me where is Jose and I looked around and said well he must be at your moms. When he got up on the roof to do some work he said look over there by the ostriches there he is! Talking up a storm with the horses!
jose dishes.JPG     Jose Horses.JPG  Jose horse.JPG
Jose so happy he won the dishwashing war.                      Jose hanging with the horses!                                               This was my view of where Jose was far away!

The best part of the new house and the thing we have been waiting for three years! Jose’s grandmother and also the woman who raised him to live with us. She does have her own house with Alejandra (Jose’s 15 year old niece whom he was raised with). I can say it is wonderful to have my mother in law over every day and for us to go to her house every day. Jose was raised with his aunt and uncle and their three children, they are always here or we are always there. God is amazing in reconciliation of a family especially Paulino and his mom! Coming to Christ has really changed Paulino’s life and all of our futures! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thank you for praying for the rain we seen the black clouds but no rain! Please continue to pray for today and the team to be blessed as they finish the houses! Paulino Martinez Roque is going to buy doors for the bedrooms and sewage pipes for the toilet so we can move in tonight when he gets back from taking the team to the trash dumps!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The house that God built!

Our new house in the back ground and the new dog house in progress! They may both be the same color! God is amazing he is bringing more blessings than we can handle!

Saturday, March 29, 2014


PLEASE PLEASE PRAY! All the supplies for the houses are here! Pray for good weather and the groups coming to give will be blessed and changed by God as they change our lives!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Praising God for Grace!

Praising God for His miracles and the miracles of life! We are so excited to see our little girl she still needs prayers and so do I! My vericous veins are so painful especially in my ankles! She seems to be growing well and also moving a lot! Please continue to pray God´s amazing blessings on her life and on the delivery!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Wow what a week! Wait it is only Wednesday!
I always seem to be standing in awe of God and His amazing love and provision with us! I just read a book called Grace and Truth by Randy Alcorn! It is so true without one the other one can not exist! The TRUTH came to earth and gave us GRACE! This week God showed us how important it is to walk in truth and show grace! Sunday was one of those days when I was in so much pain I did not feel like loving on others! Of course I knew that would mean that those hard to love people would fill my day!

Monday I was able to spend some amazing time with a few different women of God who I just love! Watching one of the women getting her hair permed and the other one working with love. Sometimes just a few minutes in the presence of a few Godly women will bless your socks off! I also was able to spend a few hours with an amazing sister in Christ while Paulino and his brother in law did some work on the women’s shelter. We were able to plan out Tuesdays outreach with 30 youth we had about 50 families from our immediate area from the youngest to the oldest residents receiving food despensas (bags of beans and rice and such)! Some bags included very annoying whistles! We were so blessed to have the group of college students from Canada come and love on our neighborhood! The drime preached the truth and grace of God without words! Then the leader who Praise God speaks fluent Spanish was able to explain it and I began to cry as I heard so many praying the prayer of salvation! After the drama each youth was able to pray individually for each mother! Balloon animals and jump rope were a hit with the big and little kids! Tomorrow the team is coming back to build an outhouse for a neighbor, go to the dump to feed the hungry and help build our fence since the supplies for the house are now being delivered!
Today Wednesday we feed the kids rice that God blessed us with and scrambled ostrich egg! There was a man who came to eat with us but he was happy with rice tacos and cheese.  He started to make a list of what he did not eat and I wanted to say do not worry this is not any of those animals haha but then I did not want the kids to know what they were eating until they liked it and they actually did like it!
Before breakfast we had a visit from the man who is going to pour the concrete floor for our house and my mother in law’s house! We are so blessed that the groups coming are going to build us a house on the other half of the property they are going to build my mother in law a single home. The week before Jose celebrates his 15th birthday he will be given the best gift of all! A house that will have a bathroom and bedroom built for him and his wheelchair! AND his grandmother (who raised him) is living near us! Our house will have a ramp for his wheelchair so he and his gramma can go in and out! We are having an indoor bathroom and Lord willing indoor plumbing. The septic tank will be dug later and for now our other kids will use an outhouse we will build outside!
I personally am so happy my baby will actually have a home when she is born.  God is amazing in His perfect time and sending the people who He wants to build our house!

Friday, March 14, 2014

PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR ALEJANDRA she is 16 and the rest of her siblings are in an orphanage somewhere near Ensenada. We are not sure if she escaped or what the truth is but she is here in Camalu God brought her by our house today. Paulino knew has known her mom for years.
 Praying she will tell the truth and make wise descisions.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

You Know You´re Poor if...

Ok ok just thinking over being poor.
A little bit of funny humor that may be offensive!
You know you are poor when your dog goes to church with you because you can not afford a fence! Worse yet between the walk from church to the house the dog stops at the fishermans house and rolls in his pile of discards then goes and sits near the pastor while she is trying to preach at the front of the church.
You know you are poor when you think your neighbors pigs stink or maybe you need a septic tank and are truly not sure if both are not correct.
You know you are poor when all of your English students notebooks fly away because they only had a few pages anyways and you have class outside on a table because your trailer has no space!
You know you are poor when you go to turn on the water and then think it does not come out because you did not pay the bill or because there is no water supply today!
You know you are poor when you think rice and beans is a complete meal when you put chilis and onions for vegetables!
You know you are poor when the radio is too expensive to plug in so you listen to an ipod mini that you can charge while online at the internet café!
You know you are poor when you look for 50 cents on the ground to pay your 30 minutes on the internet!
You know you are poor when the discussion every few days is how to heat bath water and which is more expensive! Gas, Electric or going to find fire wood (gas in a car).
You know you are poor when you take your son to the zoo which is actually a walk to look at the neighbors ostrich and saint bernards!
You know you are rich when every kid in the neighborhood wants to eat at your house because you eat two meals a day and better yet they just want to be there because Jesus lives in and through you!