Friday, February 20, 2015

Cerebral Palsy Cleft Pallet and a HUGE Smile!

Valerio and Paulino have been friends for many years and were just recently reconnected by God's amazing grace. God is blessing his family in so many ways and I thought I would share them with you as a form of saying please pray for the entire family they need Jesus!
These amazing women who I think are snow birds in AZ! Made quilts to warm the children of Camalu!

This is the first day I met Marely and her grandmother. We were asked by Barry (YWAM) Mexico adventures if we knew anyone across the highway who needed a house because they had a big group coming on a bus and had a house planned in that area and needed another.  So we contacted the pastors in that area and went to meet the family suggested however it was not their land so that did not work out. On the way to look for other families Paulino said let's stop by so you can meet Marely she is in the Eternal Anchor DayCare here in Camalu. She was introduced to Austin by Gume, our friends who also have a son with CP and who Jill brought a team to build the family a house. I was shown in to a small room with two queen size beds or maybe fulls and the just look bigger because they were wall to wall? There was Marely with no sheets on the bed wrapped in a blanket watching soap operas. She is 7 years old and was not sure who this woman was until she came out and seen Paulino, he picks up the kids for the day care and takes them home, except for her since she is on the other side of town. I asked the gramma who was watching her how many people sleep in this room. The gramma and grampa, their 14 year old daughter who we learned was given to them as a baby, and Marely and her mom who is deaf and mute.  

Currently the five of them are living with Marelys aunt and uncle (in the orange and brown) and their two daughters pictured here. The 14 year old and grandfather are not in this picture neither is Marely because she was asleep in her baby stroller she is 7 but wears 3T. Yesterday they came over to get clothes and blankets. I am given many XL and larger clothes and am always excited when I find people that can use them.

Everyone found clothes and blankets however the little Dora as I call her found herself a puppy and when I said oh I am sorry that is Gianna's and needs to stay here until you come and visit next time this is the look I got. 

Would you live on your land if you had a house there? Oh we have a house they said but it is too cold and Marely gets sick so fast. (I know this is true Eva just spent another week in the hospital.) The son is still living there by himself until it gets warmer. I went out and told Paulino can we see their house I think God brought us here! Off we went a few blocks away and this house is what we came to! Yes that is right adobe, people still live in adobe falling down houses!  Since the met Bill they have not downed the adobe to make room for the foundation to be layed for a new house! 
Maria who has Spina Bifida, her church is lending their building to house the day care until God provides a permanent place. You can see Marely's big smile she has had some surgery on her cleft pallet but still lacks the other surgery. 
As I told Marely's gramma if everyone in your home does not receive Jesus I will be shocked because He just keeps knocking on the door with amazing blessings! First Austin knocks on the door and offers daycare, then we knock on the door and offer a new home, then clothes and blankets, beans and rice! I wish I could offer sign language classes to Marely's mom but then who would she talk to? 
Please go and be the hands and feet of Jesus today! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Little Old Lady From Pasadena

Ok ok she was from North Dakota! She had friends from Montana and other states too! It had been a crazy day and I had finally gotten most of the kids out of our house and we were now doing homework in sets of two. When the phone rang, which it had been doing all day. However this time it was a call of someone who wanted to bring this lovely group of ladies over to bless us with home made quilts!
When Armando came this morning we did not have a blanket to give him. All his stuff was left at the trash dump when he left including the sleeping bag we give them for winter.
I thought they would bring just a few quilts! No they brought many quilts and some were even for boys! That never happens!

So after saying good bye to the ladies this amazing woman who is love with Gianna says I have something in the car for you. Before I left for Mexico we had prayed God would show me who to give it to and I need to give it to you. Then she went and took $40 out of the car and put it in my hand as I was crying! It was very amazing how God gives you EXACTLY what you need! I do not like to borrow money but we had to borrow money to get our car insurance to register our car and here it was the next day exactly what we needed to pay back and a few pesos over to buy something to make for dinner. 
Proverbs 3:5-6

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Clothes Pins from Minnesota and Addicts in Bible College Disciplining the Youth

Wow Julian is listening to the word! This is a first, he usually goes the other way if he sees a white van and he will admit it. Two hours later wow Charmy is being invited over to Julian and Alejandra's house to see their stove! Julian has been a friend of Paulinos for many many years, we are trying to help their family get registered since his parents nor Alejandra's parents registered them they can not register their children. We try to bless them in any way we can like sharing seeds for them to grow and sale in their garden. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to them, since Julian is so against listening to the Word! Yesterday to see him sitting their with his family really listening to Jose preach on Romans 12 I was so excited! On the right front of the photo is Miguel Angel in the orange shirt, Alejandra in the stripped pink and white, Julian in the flannel, Christian there 4 year old in from of them and Eva the 15 year old over by the truck with Gianna. 
Charmy has been working to perfect the rocket stove and haybox cooker so we can share it with the local families so they will have to use less firewood and not have to breath in smoke. 
When she was invited to Julian and Alejandra's their daughter Eva was with me and she said what? She was in as much shock as each of us!

So what do Clothes Pins from Minnesota and Addicts in Bible College Disciplining 12 Mexican Youth who's parents are from Canada, have in common? Pretty much nothing until yesterday. When ever we plan to do a big ministry outreach the enemy seems to come in with his usual. You are not good enough to do this , or wouldn't you rather raise your daughter in the states? Well yesterday was of course one of those days. The day before we had thought we would be doing outreach with a group from Minnesota when we realized it was not going to happen we were sad because we love there leader dearly! We had also gone to Eva's home to look at building a house, she was still in hospital and we were told their house is ok. At the same time the phone rang and my ride to the states for the weekend canceled! 
That night an amazing woman of God called and she said I know it is short notice but we are starting our discipleship program again! Her 12 kids, some of which are from here and Camalu and totally pour out their love on Jose when they see him, are being discipled by the students of a local Bible college.These students are made up of men who have gone the same road as Paulino and are now living in a full time Bible college.  Of course our house is 24/7 so it is never too late to plan an event. I asked what would they like to do, Jose would preach from Romans 12, and some wanted to go to the dump like they used to do with Paulino and in any other ways we would like them to serve. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Praise and Prayer Updates!

Praise and prayer! Praising God for the finances to buy uniforms! The girls need to have their skirt uniforms and the physical education uniforms for the days they have P.E. Please pray our dream is to start sewing classes so the local women can learn to make uniforms for their children and also sale them at a fair price and as they make money they will be able to buy their own machine and start working from home. No more fields no more fumigation no more 12 hour days for $10US.

Praising God that Irma loves to teach, you can see the kids love learning English, about Jesus and anything else that is taught in a fun way. However they really need a classroom to keep them out of the wind and flying dirt, also those rainy days that leave mud for a few days after they have left. Please pray we are able to get the land behind us or next to use to build a classroom/workshop.

Praising God that he brought my family to meet my family! Kainoa turned 10 which is about the same age his mom Jennifer was when I would bring her to Mexico to help at the orphanage. Please pray that God will continue to work on the hearts of my family in the states so they will come down and meet my family! It would be amazing if they would bring a team down to serve God here! Maybe when we build the baseball park! 

Praising God we do not have to go out in the dark to bless the people with food and water. We are not able to go out any day any time and they are able to come to our house 24/7. Please pray we can get a water tank built at the dump soon!

Praising God! We actually can not stop praising God for Horizon and the people from Hood River! They were invited by our amazing friends The Millers to come and do our New Year's day program and sent some to the dump with Paulino. Such a short visit turned into a HUGE blessing for us and all that we minister to! We were able to get internet connection for the youth to do their homework and the kids are still eating the peanut butter. Please pray that God will guide them as they grow in Him and that they will be lights to their generation but most especially as He helps them to plan for their next trip to Camalu! 

Praising God for all of the meals that have been cooked over this fire! Please pray as Charmy works on developing the best rock stove for the woman around us to cook for their families God will give her wisdom! Praising God this will mean less fire wood and less heart problems! 

Praising God that are kids can find anywhere to play! We hold outreach here, football games, baseball and balloon races! Please pray that this land will one day be a park for our kids! 

Praising God that we are able to reach all generations. Paulino went to build a chicken coop. Please pray praising God Isaias is there serving these old men.  We used to take food to him at the trash dump.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


As soon as we got to the old folks home I recognized the face but really had no idea who he was?
Juanito the man holding the pole on the left next to Steve, our friend who invited Paulino to come and build a chicken coop, has known Paulino for years from a rehab center in VG. However the man in the white shirt looked like someone I knew but was not sure! Isaias told us that we used to bring him food at the trash dump and that he received Jesus at a rehab and is now serving the Lord at the old folks home there in San Jacinto! God is amazing this year alone we have seen so many people from the trash dump that are no longer there. However this is trully the first we have seen in full time ministry.

Today is Feburary 3, 2015 and this morning as I was cooking a man came by for a hair cut. The first thing you notice is they are not totally skinny any more. Then you see the smile on their face and a new look of confidence! That are confident that Jesus loves them and they are not hopeless anymore living at a trash dump at the base of the foothills where no one not even Christians go to bless them!

Please pray for Juanito, Isaias and especially the old men! Paulino also knew another man living at the home! Reyes he said he does not hear but he seemed to hear Gianna and Jose just fine? When we left I asked Paulino how he knew him and he said they used to be in a rehab about a half hour south of here but when the government got involved with the rehab center they said he had mental problems and could not stay. They tossed many others like him out on the streets. Reyes admitted to me that he was a really bad drunk when he lived on the streets but he does not drink now. I wonder how many of them that live there could say the same thing? Another man Nicono (spelling?) said his entire family died in a car wreck when he was younger including his kids! SO sad so far from his home state and sitting around waiting to die!

Praying the chicken coop will give them a desire for live I seen how they talked with Gianna and Jose and I can not wait to go back!