Sunday, August 27, 2017

Band Aid or Key?

Is the only way to free someone from drugs a personal relationship with Jesus?
Yes! Freedom only comes from walking in Truth!
Is the only way to end poverty is having a personal relationship with Jesus?
Yes! Poverty is more spiritual than physical!
Is it worth it to feed 30 plates of food for just one soul!
Is it worth it to give 100 large bags of food!
Although it may seem like we are putting a band aid on a very bad wound, I believe we are actually using the key we have to unlock doors to very hard to open closets!

Thursday was a very interesting day for us. Starting with a visit from some ministry friends who want to find a permanent solution to helping get the men off drugs and out of the dumps! Then Paulino took a Canadian group to both dumps while I took his sister and a car load of family to the cemetery to place the crosses on this last day of their 10 days of rosarys.
The group then came back to our place and played soccer and hung with our youth. Later they gave away 100 bags of food! 2 of which Paulino took personally to senior citizens who could not walk over to our house and one we took across town today to a family with a 33 year old disabled son whose mom just had her foot cut off! You never know who Facebook will connect you with!
We had given away 96 bags and were just getting ready to pray in the house when someone came over. It was an addict whose son we are thinking is also becoming an addict. Well the father never comes over or talks to us about anything! HOWEVER he really needed food and so he came to ask for a bag of food! Paulino was able to share the love of Jesus with him before blessing him with the bag of food.

Those plates of cooked food that we have been giving out at the dumps for the past 6 years if we added it all up compared to those we know are serving and loving Jesus! Would it balance out? Well only God knows and our reward is in Heaven but when I show you the photo of Paulino praying with two people both former addicts Paulino has known for years and I met at the trash dump!
Yep it is all worth it and shows me that in this desert ministry that may seem dry just like the cactus fruit it is sticky but sweet inside!
If you met these 3 on the streets you would have never thought they would be here praying for deliverance for someone else! 

Flaka at the dump eating her plate of food! 

We can not longer call her Flaka (skinny) now she is Hermana Lydia! 

Praying over her and her grandson on their way south to serve Jesus. She just came to put her daughter in a locked in rehab! 

I must say I was a little concerned since we had not seen her for two and a half years! Had no idea she had left this dump gone to one further south and was now loving Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, until one day she came to my house to give testimony that our prayers had been answered! 
When we were in shock she said, why are you surprised at what God can do?