About Us

We are a family that loves the Lord. For years we have been reaching out to the people living in the dumps and recycling stations surrounding the town of Camalu in Baja. We also have fallen in love with the children falling through the cracks in Camalu. They are beautiful children (about 100 of them) who are raising themselves while their parents are addicted to drugs and alcohol. It is our desire to surround them with the love of Jesus as we reach out to their parents in hopes of helping their families to become free of drugs, healthy and thriving.

What does this look like practically?

* We have stepped out in faith and bought a piece of land very near the dumps and where these children live. 

* We go to the dumps weekly bringing food (special food to help those who have been on a drug binge for days come down safely off their high so we can tell them there is a better way!)

* We welcome the children into our home and lives. We are working on building a daycare on our property so there is a safe place for these children 24  hours a day, whenever they need it.

* We are reaching out to the parents in Camalu in hopes of keeping families together by teaching budgeting, parenting and life skills to those who are ready for a change.

* We go to the dumps and give haircut and, bring clean clothes when we can.

Also....we don't want to forget the member of our family who will be joining us in May!

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