Thursday, March 20, 2014


Wow what a week! Wait it is only Wednesday!
I always seem to be standing in awe of God and His amazing love and provision with us! I just read a book called Grace and Truth by Randy Alcorn! It is so true without one the other one can not exist! The TRUTH came to earth and gave us GRACE! This week God showed us how important it is to walk in truth and show grace! Sunday was one of those days when I was in so much pain I did not feel like loving on others! Of course I knew that would mean that those hard to love people would fill my day!

Monday I was able to spend some amazing time with a few different women of God who I just love! Watching one of the women getting her hair permed and the other one working with love. Sometimes just a few minutes in the presence of a few Godly women will bless your socks off! I also was able to spend a few hours with an amazing sister in Christ while Paulino and his brother in law did some work on the women’s shelter. We were able to plan out Tuesdays outreach with 30 youth we had about 50 families from our immediate area from the youngest to the oldest residents receiving food despensas (bags of beans and rice and such)! Some bags included very annoying whistles! We were so blessed to have the group of college students from Canada come and love on our neighborhood! The drime preached the truth and grace of God without words! Then the leader who Praise God speaks fluent Spanish was able to explain it and I began to cry as I heard so many praying the prayer of salvation! After the drama each youth was able to pray individually for each mother! Balloon animals and jump rope were a hit with the big and little kids! Tomorrow the team is coming back to build an outhouse for a neighbor, go to the dump to feed the hungry and help build our fence since the supplies for the house are now being delivered!
Today Wednesday we feed the kids rice that God blessed us with and scrambled ostrich egg! There was a man who came to eat with us but he was happy with rice tacos and cheese.  He started to make a list of what he did not eat and I wanted to say do not worry this is not any of those animals haha but then I did not want the kids to know what they were eating until they liked it and they actually did like it!
Before breakfast we had a visit from the man who is going to pour the concrete floor for our house and my mother in law’s house! We are so blessed that the groups coming are going to build us a house on the other half of the property they are going to build my mother in law a single home. The week before Jose celebrates his 15th birthday he will be given the best gift of all! A house that will have a bathroom and bedroom built for him and his wheelchair! AND his grandmother (who raised him) is living near us! Our house will have a ramp for his wheelchair so he and his gramma can go in and out! We are having an indoor bathroom and Lord willing indoor plumbing. The septic tank will be dug later and for now our other kids will use an outhouse we will build outside!
I personally am so happy my baby will actually have a home when she is born.  God is amazing in His perfect time and sending the people who He wants to build our house!

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