Thursday, May 8, 2014

 Although Paulino’s life is testimony enough to God’s power and miracles. His nieces and nephew have witnessed the transforming power in many ways in his life and enjoy going with him to help others come out of the lifestyle of addiction. Addictions so bad that it would lead grown men and teenage boys to live at the trash dump scavenging for anything they can to sale so they can buy drugs.  The kids love to go with him and help serve the food and hear their uncle share the TRUTH and at the same time they are able to hear the truth also.  The recent return of residents to the Vicente Guerrero Trash Dump is heart breaking this was one of the few dumps where people were not allowed to live previously. (As I am typing this I get a knock on the door and there is Flaka and a friend who we have ministered to for the past two years. She came to get some manna packs to feed her family. Years ago she was married and lived in Chicago. She was telling her friend by God’s grace I will never get desperate enough to live at the dump, she does go there to scavange and find treasures or recyclables.)

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