Thursday, July 17, 2014

This is why we live where we live and do what we do! PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY AND SO MANY OTHERS LIKE THEM! 
This is Princess Eva and her 4 Princes! Jildago is her 15 year old brother who takes care of her and the house every day! Elvis the little one is in 5th grade. Adam the dad and David the 13 year old work in the camps in San Quintin every day! 3 years ago the mom woke with a headache died when she got to emergency! Yesterday Paulino and Jose took them to get a wheel chair from Dirk and then brought them by the house where we loaded them up with clothes and manna packs and beans and rice! Eva has cerebral palsy and uses diapers. We are praying that they will be able to have a house built for them next year! We have introduced them to our pasotra and she picks them up for church every sunday where Eva loves the worship! She has an amazing heart and her brothers are so humble! Please pray they all come to know Jesus! 

Jose has a HUGE heart but no sense of money lol! 
Yesterday we had our last 10 pesos sitting next to the water jug waiting for the man to drive by and sale us a bottle of water! Kind of like Mexican Sparkletts! 
Jose was sitting at the kitchen table while I was feeding Gianna and I hear him yell STOP! The guy does not stop happens to be his father´s favorite bakery car! Jose then grabs two 2 peso coins and goes speeding down the street with the neighbors now yelling STOP! 
He reaches the car and tells the guy he wants to buy two sweet bread his for his dad and then hands the guy the 4 pesos! The guy says you are short 7 pesos and then looks up and sees me running down the street with a blanket over Gianna, still trying to feed her and no shoes on with the other 6 pesos! 
What I did not know is when the guy sees me coming he says here comes your mom Jose says oh no I am in trouble for leaving the house with out asking gotta go bye bye! Jose tells his dad this part later. Although we really wanted to have drinking water, the love of his dad is so much better than any glass of water! 

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  1. I love the picture of Jose and Gianna. He has great eyes