Monday, September 29, 2014

Prayer and Praise URGENT

We have some huge praise reports that also include praying for future blessings on them also!

Praise God Jose and a few others are in Christ center rehabs! Jose is the man from Santa Barbara that has not seen his family in 15 years! We met him 3 years ago living in a rental room strung out on drugs!

Praise God Gianna was born safely and is a very healthy happy beautiful 4 month old girl!

Praise God we have a home and is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for those in need! Praising God we have been blessed with clothes and food to give away and help the people. Paulino has also taught people how to build their own houses!

HUGE prayer requests! Please pray for Christina's Mexican Visa and Gianna's American papers!

Prayer for all of those that will come to the liquor store on the corner by our house! We are looking forward to ministering to many addicts. Also if it does not do well maybe we can buy it for a dining room to feed those in need!

Please pray for our earthy families and the families we minister to! Sometimes we want to solve all the problems!  We know that God is the solution and the only TRUE ANSWER!

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