Monday, September 7, 2015

A Desert Is Dry But There Are Plants!

Matthew 12:33
make the tree sound (healthy and good), and its fruit sound (healthy and good), or make the tree rotten (diseased and bad), and its fruit rotten (diseased and bad); for the tree is known and recognized and judged by its fruit.
Have you ever had a cactus apple or some great aloe vera juice? Well I am praying that this is what today's blog will be a sweet sweet fruit on a hot day!
Cesar, Esme and Joycelin receiving their much needed school supplies! 

Paulino extending out house 6 feet so we can have more space for the kids to do homework and for Jose to move around. 

Yes I was a bean counter in the states and praying my daughter will learn young! We are thankful to all who support us both financially and prayerfully so we can provide meals to those in need! The Coca Cola was a gift and I asked Jose why are people always bringing us Coke, he said they are trying to kill us! 

The biggest miracle of all is after 16 years Jose got to meet his birth mother and one of his little sisters.
He took them to church and he has already been praying for his mom for years. 

 Paulito's mom left them about two years ago so his two sisters now go to the fields to help his dad while he stays home to watch the house. So now 3 of them are not in school nor do they have a desire to go to school. At first it did not make sense to me why would these parents not push their kids to go to school! I now understand, as we have been doing Jr High homework which has proved difficult for me since I have not done it in 20 years! I can imagine now how the parents feel many have not gone to school past 3rd grade, never learned to read or write and especially not science or history! Why would you invest two weeks salary in uniforms another week in shoes and then more in school supplies? Why would you do this if the end result is only after junior high my kids will go to the fields to pick vegetables and fruits for $8 a day. 
Yet there is the opposite of Paulito's family! The huge family down the street is Christian and the parents never went to school either. They have a few business' and they send their kids to school all the way to university if they will go. Yes they struggle financially and yes some of their kids are not walking with God! However they know the solution is Jesus and the only way out of the ghetto as we say where I am from is a miracle! Look to the Miracle Maker not for the miracle! 
This past year we have been amazingly blessed with sports equipment and a playground for our neighbors! It has opened doors like you could not imagine a church across town even brought their team over to play our team! People who would never come over and stopped by to see what is going on and we ask them how are you doing? Do you need some beans and rice or some Mana Pack? As we see what they are wearing if they appear to be in need we offer them clothes or shoes if we have them. We were also blessed with reading glasses and have been able to bless many to start reading again offering them a new testament so they can read the word of God. Some others who can not read but need to sew are now able to! 
I just think sometimes our life is like that of the desert fruit! No one sees it and how beautiful it is out in the middle of the desert but the sweetness once it is opened and enjoyed is amazing just like our God who put it there. 

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