Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy Birhtday Jesus 2015 Thank you to all who give all year and especially at Christmas when most kids do not receive a gift at all.

Chabby is 23 but the size and mind of a 3 year old so she is included in our gift giving!

Ruth with her Christmas box! 

Annemarie celebrating her birthday with us! 

Daisy and Triny finishing the day with delicious cupcakes Linda made over 200!

Me and Gianna starting the day with games and prizes.

Arturo and Joset receiving backpacks and school supplies. 

Maritza and her friend opening their gifts. Most take them home and open them. 

Brianna helping her brother Yael to break the little kids pinatas! The moms waiting in the background to dive for their kids candy. 

Ale and her siblings distributing the gifts. She packed all 154 bags especially for each child. 

This is just some of the gifts! About 30 of the kids did not make it so we were able to send them to the north part of town where we are helping  a family do what we do! Now they are a family living for Jesus! 

Linda and Gianna helping to give the game prizes.

My in laws do not have a personal relationship with Jesus but they are always willing to go to the dump and to cook and to help and serve in whatever way possible! We praise God for each of them! 

The moms ready to help their little kids receive their gift! 
 She was so happy she won. These two girls were visiting grandparents and were able to receive gifts and play games!

Ale and her boyfriend with her highlighters even her father's brother  helped, red shirt on rightside! 

Ruth breaking the pinata Ale made for the 4-8 year olds. 

Please pray for all of our kids but especially these two and their families. Jesus on the left is the local witches grandson. Miguel Angel on the right and his entire family is famous in our town for being thieves. They live by selling vegetables and whatever they can find to sale. We praise God for each child each family and each opportunity He gives us to love them like Jesus does! 
We also praise God to all who give and pray and go! 

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