Saturday, December 24, 2016

Water rising to welcome in the King!

This was how it looked the first day looking at our house from across the street! It is going to rain all week! 

One of many Paulino had to pull out of the mud! 

We care for the baby that lives in the lil brown house on the left and the pink building is our church! 

These photos are from the first day of rain! We are on our second day and it is supposed to rain for a week! Camalu has opened shelters for those that want to get out! We have a power wheelchair and breathing machines! Not so easy for Jose to live in a shelter! However we are thankful that our community has that option, if you remember in January the flood was a huge surprise and most of our town was taken out by marines! 
December 24 is Christmas here in Mexico! A huge dinner usually cooked all day over firewood, family and friends gathering at midnight to set off fireworks and enjoy the birth of Jesus! However this year was welcomed in by a flood and our neighbors are afraid! 
We are here to offer the peace of Jesus Christ the real reason for this day of celebration! We also try to help with rice, beans, clothes and blankets! Paulino loves pulling people out of the mud however he needs to go and finishing moving the women's shelter to its new home! So the fun may be mine. Yesterday I had to walk to the salon social and I seen that truly our part of town is the worst when it rains. We live in a very poor part of town and the people here own their land for the most part and do not want to leave because others may come and take their belongings! 

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