Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Poverty Kills

I wish I could put photos of all those I have met who are sick or dying because of poverty! Poverty is a generational disease passed down to many and it is killing people.
During the last few months I have seen it in our own lives and the lives of so many others who fill the waiting rooms of hospitals and laboratories!
We just received a gift in the bank when Paulino started getting sick! He wanted to roof Jose new bedroom he is building! I wanted to buy a new water pump and bigger water tank maybe some warm clothes for Gianna! However we bought lab tests, two ultrasounds, medicine and gas to get us to all these places.
In December my brother in law sent my mother in law money and that week we found out she needed an echocardiogram!
We then found out she needed a pacemaker that would cost one year salary because the insurance we have does not cover major things! However we later found out we could put her onto my sister in law's insurance that would cover the whole thing minus the gas!  Friday we signed her up for insurance and Tuesday she was in an ambulance on the way to Ensenada. Layed in emergency for 4 days waiting for a bed! Then another 4 days waiting to see the cardioligist! Thursday afternoon they put in the pacemaker and Friday afternoon we were home. In Mexico a family member stays with the patient or in the waiting room usually 24-7. So between my sister in law and I we were able to stay with her the entire time. One of us would sleep in the emergency waiting room and the other on the floor near her bed. You are required to take care of the patient except for putting in IVs and such, what the nurses would do in the western world, we did.
We met so many people there in our same situation. I actually have a new friend, Sanjuana, please pray for her and her family! They have been there for about a month with her mom. Instead of her being helped into the gurney she had no strength, so she fell to her knees and had a sore on her back, which they did not realize until they took her home a week after she entered! They brought her back that same day.
Omar a 37 year old had been 2 months in a diabetic coma and was at home doing fine when he had a heart attack! On a Sunday there was no one in the insurance hospital to help him, so his mom drove around until she found a hospital to help! Every credit card was used with every neighbor helping and money came to pay the value of at least 3 years salary, if not paid up front they would not operate. He never got better so his mom brought him back to the insurance hospital where she was told half of his heart is dead and there is no hope! Please pray for the entire family, his mom was an amazing woman so concerned with helping Jose! Omar is home on meds and I know God did not take him out of a coma for nothing!
So all of this to say!!!
What about the others! What about those who do not have amazing supporters to bless them with the cash they need! What about those who do not have someone to put them under their medical care and are stuck with the government insurance. What if Paulino would have had stones and we could not do the ultrasound! What if....
Please pray for those families that we have met but please pray for so many others who are dying because of lack of money. Eternal life is a free gift and will cost them nothing!

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