Wednesday, November 26, 2014

God change the hearts of kings or US Consulate officials in this case!

On September 8 we went to what we thougt would be a 1 hour  appointment to process the paperwork for Gianna's certificate report of birth abroad. We left TJ Centro at 6am  to be at an 8am appt. in Otay Mesa. I assured Paulino it said on the website 1 hour average time at consulate so after we would go by Chelly's for breakfast!

Around noon we were called to the final window to swear and sign documents or so we thought. The lady informed us that I proved I was an American, married and gave birth to a baby girl.  However Gianna was not her and our only option would be to make an appt. for a DNA exam. I was sure she was mine because there were only two babies born that day at Buen Pastor and the other was very brown. I explained to her we were missionaries and DNA cost a lot so I would rather not make the appt. she then sent us to another window were a very nice gentlemen explained the process and gave us the next available appt. which happen to be November 13 at 1pm, our 3rd year anniversary!  He looked shocked when I said we were married.  He told us if we did not have the money by then to call since we had up to 90 days or they close her file and keep our $100.

After getting over the shock I decided to get more photos together and get her labs and docs from hospital, even a letter from the hospital director! I made another appointment for 10am November 13 incase God happened to provide the $395 we needed for the exam at the last moment since He is never late. We had enough money for gas but that was it. We borrowed money for food and tolls. At the very last minute Paulino's sister offered to lend us a hundred dollar bill which was strange but we said ok.  I asked for prayer and we went in faith knowing God was going to do a miracle this was confirmed by His word so many times.

Wednesday the four of us loaded into the car, with brakes that were metal to metal, and arrived in TJ at sunset where we were cooked a delicious dinner. The next morning we got up early with time to stop at Chely's two for one Birria since last time we were too heart broken to go. Also knowing that it could be more than one hour wait, we needed to eat. We got to the US Consulate in plenty of time to get Jose's wheelchair unloaded and go through the guards who actually are more like a welcoming committee.

Once inside the man took all the info and explained that only two agents were working, my thought of course was great less chance of the agent who obviously did not like us when we came the first time was not there!  When we were called the lady was very nice but asked a lot of questions about our marriage. I explained that part was already proven I was just bringing more evidence to prove Gianna is my birth daughter!  A few hours later Paulino was called into the interview room where the man told him he called Buen Pastor and they said the baby was not born there, I am pretty sure he was bluffing! He also said someone gave us the baby since I had a miscarriage in 2013! I am pretty sure people would not give a baby to a poor family!

A while later the lady called me back to the window returned my things to me and said the only way we could prove she was ours is DNA! I handed the baby to Paulino and I fell to the floor crying God help! Help them to see the truth! It had been confirmed again and again by His Word that He was doing a miracle! There were believers all over the world praying! Paulino just kept saying it will happen in God's time! By this time everyone had gone to lunch we were the last ones left. Once we got outside we stopped at the only snack shop to buy some granola bars for lunch since we decided to just drive back home.   We were paying a guard came out and said the official wants to speak with you, what official? He said we would need to return to the consulate, I knew God had showed them the truth!

We went through the security check all over again then the captain of the guard escorted us back to the consulate building. When we got to the window the woman asked what we wanted and why we came back! I said you called us what did you call us for? After we both put on very rude tones she said look the fact that you do not want to do the DNA shows you are lying! She said she heard her co worker give us another 6 months and she did not want us to come back until we were ready for the DNA! I left Paulino with her he just kept saying that is fine it is in God's hands.  As always I was trying to help God, remembering I had the $100 bill! I asked the nice guy who was already helping others with their DNA exams if we could pay the technician and then call the lab in San Diego and pay over the phone the next day. He said yes since they would courier the tests the next afternoon I figured if we could not sale the suburban we could scrap it for at least the $350 we needed.

We knew we needed to get home in order to find a place to scrap the suburban. So I drove over to Morita to visit Janeth who had gone back into the hospital, so we got back into the car and headed back to Centro to pack the car and head home. The only problem was I could not find the highway going west to where we needed to go. After 2 hours Paulino finally took over and we made it back to Centro at dark. Thursday November 13 also happened to be the Baja 1000, starting in Ensenada, so we did not want to be on the curvy road at night. So we decided to leave the next morning and get home in plenty of time to get the cash in the bank and call the lab.

I had just finished feeding Gianna when Paulino woke up ready to get on the road. I convinced him we could let the kids sleep at least until 8am then head out in plenty of time.  Around 8 while he was loading the car his phone rang and it was the consulate on the phone saying they have changed their minds that they were giving Gianna her papers! So we threw the kids in the car and rushed over to order her U.S. passport?

The guards a little amazed that we were bold enough to come back after what happen the day prior. When we got to the window it was the same woman I had words with the day before!  She was all smiles and said how great God was with us and what a testimony to Paulino's faith since he kept saying give it to God!  It will happen in his time! I told her I know how great God is that is why I was so distraught yesterday! She knew it was God that changed their minds and she gave Him all the glory!

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