Saturday, January 3, 2015

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Old friends in new places!
It has been awhile since Jose has gone to the trash dump but I think we we were all surprised at just how many shacks there are in Vicente Guerrero! In Camalu the residents are pretty poor and use or recycle everything possible so the dump does not have much to offer. However in VG there are many ministries and many residents and not everyone recycles this creates more opportunity for the addicts to find things to sale. This particular day we were at the VG Dump where Paulino has been ministering to these men but as with all addicts they have been wondering what is his motive? What does he really want, free food, free water, being treated like they really do matter? What gives? All of a sudden a man appears and starts glorifying for all he has done in Paulino's life. As he begins to share that he has been friends with Paulino since they were young, doing drugs together and scavenging for food at the Camalu dump and even going to rehabs together! Hearts and ears opened up after that!
We started taking food to both dumps right after we were married and praise God over the last 3 years we have never lacked food for these men and sometimes families. About two years ago someone asked what we thought was the biggest need at the dumps and instantly we both answered not realizing that their lives would really change after that. A few weeks later we were sent a 250 gallon water tank that added a whole new blessing to the guys lives.
In the Camalu dump We have seen many men leave and continue to witness their lives changing as we keep a friendship with them! On New Years day we had many men stop by in the morning and some senior citizens the afternoon. Around noon Paulino took a group from Hood River OR to the dump while others stayed ere and did an amazing job with our local kids and mothers!

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