Monday, May 4, 2015

Children's Day Celebration

Ápril 30 every year is Children's Day and usually it is celebrated in the schools and looked forward to by each child. However this year the teachers are on strike and before that the field workers so the kids have been out of school for the last month. They started coming over at 7am and the entire day we had kids at our house. All together there were 74 kids under 10, all of those and the older kids and adults received ice cream.
The day started with an all day lego party! 

A happy kid showing his mom his gift!

Now it is the boys turn! 

Giving the girls pajamas and dresses!
The boys were too excited when the seen the wooden toys that Gianna had to play guard while they waited for the girls to finish receiving their gifts! 

Today as in other days of the week I see many people wearing clothes that were donated for them.

This family lives on the otherside of town and we knew it would be hard for them to come back at 5 so we gave them their gifts early! 

No gifts for teens on kids day just futball and ice cream! 

A few girls waiting around to see if they could get a wooden toy.

Glenda face painted the entire time. There was a party going on next door and our neighbor was so happy all the kids at her party could also receive gifts and their faces painted! 

Our local moms lining up with their strollers and older to gets to put their names on the gift list. 

More kids playing legos during the day.

Glenda cut the hair of Eva and her 3 brothers, this is an expense her parents could never afford. 

The beauty salon and barber parlor. Last week was a chiropractor office! 

There were a few wooden toys left over for a few girls.

These are our boys and when they seen the other kids come from the neighbors they were concerned there would not be enough. Paulino assured them Jesus knew how many kids would be there today! 

People starting to gather and put their names on the gift list. 

The moms ready with their baby girls for the pajamas! These are used day and night! 

Glenda finally getting to the end of the line! 

Paulino and Gianna on watching the boys as I go get the ice cream ready! 

Girls with their new dresses.

What do you mean we are under 11!

Mom tell them that I am under 11 please!

You can put a dress on them but you can not make them stop playing futball! 

The boy in the flourescents had come from the other party received his this outfit for his gift went and changed and then came back for ice cream. We had never seen most of these kids or their parents before! Jesus will be brought to all parts of Camalu He will bring them here. 

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  1. What a blessing and priveledge it has been these two weeks is been here-im so excited to be back here and serve our Lordas a team with Cruz allegre--my heart is serving as a child evangelist-ministering in the dump.or wherever God decides--will be living in camalu:-) God has such a huge vision:-) I'm a mom of three-grandma of 8_from georgia-began to minister in mexico with my church in 2005__isom. Bible school-2010__love the Lord and whatever plans He has-Jeremiaha 29:11___