Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Praising God in the storm and in the mud!

As the rainbow appears that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of His brightness all around (Ezekiel 1:28)

The road behind our house

Paulino pulling a truck full of hay out of the mud. You can see how dry it is in front of our house! A God thing! 

The road behind our house! 

Praise God this brick wall broke or who knows how flooded our land would have been. 

The sun is up lets go wash clothes! 

Our road to get to the highway! Praising God for 4x4! 

Sharing soap and clorox with the families that have mud in their houses!

We were blessed with two truck loads of wood for those who cook outside! Some will use to fix their houses! 

This guy was pulling the wood home on the bags they use for rice and beans. 

One of the seniors we found stuck in his house because he did not have boots! The water is very deep in his house you could not even tell what shoes he was wearing! 

Well I guess this will be our family photo kind of how we look in the new year! Paulino's back is still broken from carrying Jose upstairs when the flood came and then back down when the water left! 

All the women had left with their kids to the shelter while the men stayed behind to protect their houses! 

Too shallow for a boat to deep for a car! Yep guess we are staying in our houses! The marines came the next day to evacuate those who wanted to leave!

The sun rising over our new rivers it continued to rain for one week. 

During most days it was beautiful so we were able to do clothes distribution and the kids could come and play somewhere that is dry and who knows what is in the water and mud! 

This after Paulino pulled this man out.
Paulino pulling a truck full of hay out of a very big hole. 

The water in this mans house is more than 3 feet deep! There are 6 of them living in one room. Paulino is giving him soap and clorox that people have donated to help the cleaning begin! 

The first day of rain was fun for the kids but then they all went somewhere else to live because of the mud in their homes! 

The road in front of our house is nice compared to some and Jose got to go outside and sit in the patio but you can imagine it will be a few weeks before he can get out to see his gramma or friends! Electric chairs do not do well in the mud! 

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