Saturday, January 30, 2016


2016 is bringing many new things! New blessings, new friends, new open doors from God to minister in ways we could never imagine! 
Yes we are still ministering at the trash dumps and to the children of addicts and love what we do. 
It seems since the flood God has opened hearts all around us. We have been blessed with clothes and food to help to people in other parts of Camalu. 
Our first sewing class we were blessed  with two teaches and 5 students! Smiles are not culturally normaly in photos! We all loved the class even the teachers. Out of 7 machines one is working but we are looking for to Becki coming and repairing the others so the women can practice during the week.  The women will be able to sale their creations and one day even work from home. They will not need to go to the fields for 12 hours a day and leave their kids at home! 

This family came from the other part of town and brought nieghbors. The father knew Paulino years ago and heard what God had been doing in our lives. The wife came to our Christmas program with her kids and returned with the pregnant women we were able to bless with baby items. 
Please continue to pray for us and all of those God puts in our paths. The rain is coming and we are working on a plan to help others in case of flood and also to help with roof and floors to withstand the rain. 

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