Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A bad day or a good day! You decide!

Wednesday was a really bad day or was it a good day.
I hardly ever leave Gianna but I needed to go and help a friend pack, I left during her nap time, so off I went. A few hours later I got some frantic calls from Paulino saying Jose heart was very high! I thought he was talking about blood pressure since we are still learning to take it! Well the last call was my son is dying! I said I will be right there and hung up, driving a Toyota Camry I was able to pass some cars on the road but others at the speed bumps I took the dirt road option! If you have seen the Baja 500 or Baja 1000 you can imagine what this looked like at speeds up to 120! Yes miles per hour!
I got home to find out he was already at the emergency room back in VG where I had just come from. Well Baja 1000 all over again! I got to the door of the emergency room just in time to grab Gianna out of his arms as they wheeled Jose back. I then called a dear friend who came and got Gianna just as they were sending him in ambulance to a better hospital! His heart rate was 247!
Once at the new hospital the internal specialist was called in and told us we had to go out. I explained to her my husband is Jose voice and hands and he could not leave. She explained to me she was the doctor! Well I can see that by your white coat lol! So I explained to her I would go and explain to the director so she would not be in trouble. It is a teaching hospital kind of! I went to the director who is a great man and he then came out and called me in because Jose told him no oxygen!!
He then gave us the talk in English so Jose would not understand that oxygen will not kill him, Duchenne's is doing that!
They were able to get Jose heart rate down to 130 on meds so with that they sent us home and say there is really nothing we can do for you! And then again the talk about Duchenne!
So my poor friends brought Gianna back to us. You can imagine how that was if she is never left with anyone! Bless them they did amazing and we are still friends!
Once we got home, I dropped the ipad and shattered the screen. Figured out I had ripped one of the CV boots on the car and all in all I am sure it was a good day.
If it would have been a bad day I would not be here this Wednesday folding my son's underwear and hearing him argue with me that he does not have too many underwear! He says it is because he has lots of friends and if they ever need to borrow a some he will lend them to them.

This photo is kind of what it looked like when I got to the hospital!

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