Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Happy Jose

We have just completed our first week of living in our new house! For the first time in a long time Jose has not had to breath mold! It is amazing how well he sleeps through the nite! The other night he even argued with us that he wanted to wash dishes and we wanted to sleep! The most amazing thing is how much freedom he has had again. Paulino puts him into his wheelchair in the am and he is good to go all day. Today we were busy doing things around here I thought Jose was with Paulino, when he came over and asked me where is Jose and I looked around and said well he must be at your moms. When he got up on the roof to do some work he said look over there by the ostriches there he is! Talking up a storm with the horses!
jose dishes.JPG     Jose Horses.JPG  Jose horse.JPG
Jose so happy he won the dishwashing war.                      Jose hanging with the horses!                                               This was my view of where Jose was far away!

The best part of the new house and the thing we have been waiting for three years! Jose’s grandmother and also the woman who raised him to live with us. She does have her own house with Alejandra (Jose’s 15 year old niece whom he was raised with). I can say it is wonderful to have my mother in law over every day and for us to go to her house every day. Jose was raised with his aunt and uncle and their three children, they are always here or we are always there. God is amazing in reconciliation of a family especially Paulino and his mom! Coming to Christ has really changed Paulino’s life and all of our futures! 

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