Tuesday, April 15, 2014



Well there is so much going on here and I have not been able to get the photos onto a USB to bring to the internet.
Sunday we had an amazing birthday party for Jose since he should already be in heaven we were going to give him a BIG party like they do for the girls here in Mexico! BUT I do not feel up to it right now.
At 10AM Paulino took me to emergency because I had not felt Grace move since the night before. When they did the ultrasound they said she is growing and needs more food and water. And that I should stay in bed. Well staying in bed is pretty impossible!  However I am doing better on the eating part.

Jose had an amazing time at his birthday and we took the left overs tot he guys at the trash dump who were very excited to eat chicken!

Please pray for Jose to have more years and for our entire family to be a testimony to the special needs families He has put in our paths.

Praise God Erica and Fabiola are back home. Every day they are eating with us and hanging out all day! Last night after dinner I sent them home at 9PM!
Pray because their mom and brothers stayed at their grammas! Pray for God to save their parents and heal their marriage!

Please pray for God´s hand of protection on Paulino as he finishes the house and for direction as what to do with the trailer.

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