Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Walking On Water

This is the next generation! Are you praying for them? As we started out on our trip to Ensenada to pick up Pancho from the hospital we did not know what our day would bring! We had no gas and no cash. Then the phone rang and it was a mom needing to take her disabled daughter to the emergency in the opposite direction! SO stop everything I am on my way! When I got back we were on our way to Ensenada to pick up Pancho or so we thought! God had other plans. Someone had brought over $40US for gas, however last time we went up to import the truck it cost over $80 there and back. 
Paulino says lets go and put the wheel chair and the stroller in the back of the truck! Oh us of great faith just laughed knowing we may be walking when the truck runs out of gas! So off we go to the gas station and then on the side of the road we seen a couple hitch hicking with big back packs so we offered them a ride, they were also going to Ensenada. Amazing couple as we found out on their honeymoon back packing Mexico and then back to Sonora to the mountains to serve where no one will serve! Sata is a missionary kid and Fabian is a national! God has great plans for their lives! 
While driving in faith the phone rings and Paulinos cousin says Pancho is here at the house! So we pull over to the Oxxo and let them out and then turn around and head home! As we get closer and closer to home the car gets closer and closer to empty! Jesus says keep your eyes on me and walk or in this case drive! 

When we got home this couple came over Jesus and Gabriela! She says you do not remember me. I know your face but I can not figure it out until I went through some photos. Her daughter was born a year ago and we gave her some clothes and blankets. Her husband left her and she had two small boys and a brand new baby. One of the people in the little rental rooms took her in and asked us to help her. 
Jesus we met at the trash dump and found out he was from Los Angeles and had gotten himself deported. Our friend Jen who also lives in the Los Angeles Valley contacted his mom and brought us some clothes and such for him. She also brought money for a bus ticket to go where he has family but he did not want to go so back went the money. Well some how these two are now together and she is pregnant. Jesus is working at the recycling plant and taking care of her. 
We are so blessed to be able to serve God here Camalu but we understand the Holy Spirit is the only one who can bring fruit and change lives for ever! Please pray for the next generation! Same countries different worlds! 

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