Friday, March 6, 2015

If You Build It The Food Will Come

Fridady morning I received a facebook from Diane a wonderful sister in Christ! I was taking a shower and God wants you to build a food pantry! If you build it God will send the food!  Well lets pray then that we get the land behind our current land because truth is we have very limited space! A few hours later another message this one from Hermana Rosie I am bringing you money for food!  Steve and Stella a couple who helped us with our Christmas program have also been praying for where God wanted them to serve! When they told us they wanted to buy us the lot to use for ministry we were in shock!

Well as you can see the food pantry will also be a clothes closet so that the people no longer have to search for clothes out of a trash bag! There are so many people coming yesterday a woman came from the south with her daughter and did not have much clothes and had no idea how cold it was. We were able to bless them with a few clothes and blankets. However kids clothes and men's clothes are very hard to keep on hand. I have been told there are many clothes in the states waiting for us as soon as I get my Visa and Mexican drivers license! I can cross to get donations but God has big plans for each family he brings us! Not just physical needs but spiritual! They are thirsty and need Living Water!

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