Monday, March 16, 2015

Yes! They Made Wrong Choices!

The down and out getting on their feet! 
Why are they in this situation? Why are they down and out or just plain addicts? 
But for the grace of God go I!
These are children of God! Men He created for His glory and we are so thankful to be a part of their healing! It is amazing how God is allowing us to see their new walk! We have to remember the next generation has choices to make and lives to live and if we do not take interest in both generations all will be lost.
At first I was concerned with having people that use and or have used around our house with all the kids. However it has been amazing lessons for all of us. We had friends stop by yesterday and they are into door to door evangelism sharing with people trying to get them into their church. They just sit in amazement when they come because they have never learned that we are the body of Christ and we need to evangelize every moment of our life where ever God gives us the opportunity! 

Pancho and Paulino sat around yesterday and read the word of God and Paulino taught him what it meant and the kids were around listening footing the ball on the patio. Armando the other day taught the kids how to play cards oh great! But they all were able to hear Paulino turn it into an evagelistic message as only he can do. 
Last night Paulino was able to share with a mother how her husband selling drugs is affecting her teenage daughter and her choices. 
Kids are like sponges they absorb it all so good or bad they are absorbing it we just want to bring them living water to absorb. Sharing the True Word with them and True Love! 

But let me run loose and free,
    celebrating God’s great work,
Every bone in my body laughing, singing, “God,
    there’s no one like you.
You put the down-and-out on their feet
    and protect the unprotected from bullies!”
Psalm 35:9-10 MSG

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