Sunday, February 15, 2015

Clothes Pins from Minnesota and Addicts in Bible College Disciplining the Youth

Wow Julian is listening to the word! This is a first, he usually goes the other way if he sees a white van and he will admit it. Two hours later wow Charmy is being invited over to Julian and Alejandra's house to see their stove! Julian has been a friend of Paulinos for many many years, we are trying to help their family get registered since his parents nor Alejandra's parents registered them they can not register their children. We try to bless them in any way we can like sharing seeds for them to grow and sale in their garden. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to them, since Julian is so against listening to the Word! Yesterday to see him sitting their with his family really listening to Jose preach on Romans 12 I was so excited! On the right front of the photo is Miguel Angel in the orange shirt, Alejandra in the stripped pink and white, Julian in the flannel, Christian there 4 year old in from of them and Eva the 15 year old over by the truck with Gianna. 
Charmy has been working to perfect the rocket stove and haybox cooker so we can share it with the local families so they will have to use less firewood and not have to breath in smoke. 
When she was invited to Julian and Alejandra's their daughter Eva was with me and she said what? She was in as much shock as each of us!

So what do Clothes Pins from Minnesota and Addicts in Bible College Disciplining 12 Mexican Youth who's parents are from Canada, have in common? Pretty much nothing until yesterday. When ever we plan to do a big ministry outreach the enemy seems to come in with his usual. You are not good enough to do this , or wouldn't you rather raise your daughter in the states? Well yesterday was of course one of those days. The day before we had thought we would be doing outreach with a group from Minnesota when we realized it was not going to happen we were sad because we love there leader dearly! We had also gone to Eva's home to look at building a house, she was still in hospital and we were told their house is ok. At the same time the phone rang and my ride to the states for the weekend canceled! 
That night an amazing woman of God called and she said I know it is short notice but we are starting our discipleship program again! Her 12 kids, some of which are from here and Camalu and totally pour out their love on Jose when they see him, are being discipled by the students of a local Bible college.These students are made up of men who have gone the same road as Paulino and are now living in a full time Bible college.  Of course our house is 24/7 so it is never too late to plan an event. I asked what would they like to do, Jose would preach from Romans 12, and some wanted to go to the dump like they used to do with Paulino and in any other ways we would like them to serve. 

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