Friday, February 20, 2015

Cerebral Palsy Cleft Pallet and a HUGE Smile!

Valerio and Paulino have been friends for many years and were just recently reconnected by God's amazing grace. God is blessing his family in so many ways and I thought I would share them with you as a form of saying please pray for the entire family they need Jesus!
These amazing women who I think are snow birds in AZ! Made quilts to warm the children of Camalu!

This is the first day I met Marely and her grandmother. We were asked by Barry (YWAM) Mexico adventures if we knew anyone across the highway who needed a house because they had a big group coming on a bus and had a house planned in that area and needed another.  So we contacted the pastors in that area and went to meet the family suggested however it was not their land so that did not work out. On the way to look for other families Paulino said let's stop by so you can meet Marely she is in the Eternal Anchor DayCare here in Camalu. She was introduced to Austin by Gume, our friends who also have a son with CP and who Jill brought a team to build the family a house. I was shown in to a small room with two queen size beds or maybe fulls and the just look bigger because they were wall to wall? There was Marely with no sheets on the bed wrapped in a blanket watching soap operas. She is 7 years old and was not sure who this woman was until she came out and seen Paulino, he picks up the kids for the day care and takes them home, except for her since she is on the other side of town. I asked the gramma who was watching her how many people sleep in this room. The gramma and grampa, their 14 year old daughter who we learned was given to them as a baby, and Marely and her mom who is deaf and mute.  

Currently the five of them are living with Marelys aunt and uncle (in the orange and brown) and their two daughters pictured here. The 14 year old and grandfather are not in this picture neither is Marely because she was asleep in her baby stroller she is 7 but wears 3T. Yesterday they came over to get clothes and blankets. I am given many XL and larger clothes and am always excited when I find people that can use them.

Everyone found clothes and blankets however the little Dora as I call her found herself a puppy and when I said oh I am sorry that is Gianna's and needs to stay here until you come and visit next time this is the look I got. 

Would you live on your land if you had a house there? Oh we have a house they said but it is too cold and Marely gets sick so fast. (I know this is true Eva just spent another week in the hospital.) The son is still living there by himself until it gets warmer. I went out and told Paulino can we see their house I think God brought us here! Off we went a few blocks away and this house is what we came to! Yes that is right adobe, people still live in adobe falling down houses!  Since the met Bill they have not downed the adobe to make room for the foundation to be layed for a new house! 
Maria who has Spina Bifida, her church is lending their building to house the day care until God provides a permanent place. You can see Marely's big smile she has had some surgery on her cleft pallet but still lacks the other surgery. 
As I told Marely's gramma if everyone in your home does not receive Jesus I will be shocked because He just keeps knocking on the door with amazing blessings! First Austin knocks on the door and offers daycare, then we knock on the door and offer a new home, then clothes and blankets, beans and rice! I wish I could offer sign language classes to Marely's mom but then who would she talk to? 
Please go and be the hands and feet of Jesus today! 

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