Friday, February 6, 2015

Praise and Prayer Updates!

Praise and prayer! Praising God for the finances to buy uniforms! The girls need to have their skirt uniforms and the physical education uniforms for the days they have P.E. Please pray our dream is to start sewing classes so the local women can learn to make uniforms for their children and also sale them at a fair price and as they make money they will be able to buy their own machine and start working from home. No more fields no more fumigation no more 12 hour days for $10US.

Praising God that Irma loves to teach, you can see the kids love learning English, about Jesus and anything else that is taught in a fun way. However they really need a classroom to keep them out of the wind and flying dirt, also those rainy days that leave mud for a few days after they have left. Please pray we are able to get the land behind us or next to use to build a classroom/workshop.

Praising God that he brought my family to meet my family! Kainoa turned 10 which is about the same age his mom Jennifer was when I would bring her to Mexico to help at the orphanage. Please pray that God will continue to work on the hearts of my family in the states so they will come down and meet my family! It would be amazing if they would bring a team down to serve God here! Maybe when we build the baseball park! 

Praising God we do not have to go out in the dark to bless the people with food and water. We are not able to go out any day any time and they are able to come to our house 24/7. Please pray we can get a water tank built at the dump soon!

Praising God! We actually can not stop praising God for Horizon and the people from Hood River! They were invited by our amazing friends The Millers to come and do our New Year's day program and sent some to the dump with Paulino. Such a short visit turned into a HUGE blessing for us and all that we minister to! We were able to get internet connection for the youth to do their homework and the kids are still eating the peanut butter. Please pray that God will guide them as they grow in Him and that they will be lights to their generation but most especially as He helps them to plan for their next trip to Camalu! 

Praising God for all of the meals that have been cooked over this fire! Please pray as Charmy works on developing the best rock stove for the woman around us to cook for their families God will give her wisdom! Praising God this will mean less fire wood and less heart problems! 

Praising God that are kids can find anywhere to play! We hold outreach here, football games, baseball and balloon races! Please pray that this land will one day be a park for our kids! 

Praising God that we are able to reach all generations. Paulino went to build a chicken coop. Please pray praising God Isaias is there serving these old men.  We used to take food to him at the trash dump.