Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Little Old Lady From Pasadena

Ok ok she was from North Dakota! She had friends from Montana and other states too! It had been a crazy day and I had finally gotten most of the kids out of our house and we were now doing homework in sets of two. When the phone rang, which it had been doing all day. However this time it was a call of someone who wanted to bring this lovely group of ladies over to bless us with home made quilts!
When Armando came this morning we did not have a blanket to give him. All his stuff was left at the trash dump when he left including the sleeping bag we give them for winter.
I thought they would bring just a few quilts! No they brought many quilts and some were even for boys! That never happens!

So after saying good bye to the ladies this amazing woman who is love with Gianna says I have something in the car for you. Before I left for Mexico we had prayed God would show me who to give it to and I need to give it to you. Then she went and took $40 out of the car and put it in my hand as I was crying! It was very amazing how God gives you EXACTLY what you need! I do not like to borrow money but we had to borrow money to get our car insurance to register our car and here it was the next day exactly what we needed to pay back and a few pesos over to buy something to make for dinner. 
Proverbs 3:5-6

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  1. So awesome to hear this.the name Armando sounds familiar...blessings to you all