Sunday, January 11, 2015

Chains And Locks That Seem Impossible To Unlock!

This year has been kind of crazy! God is doing some interesting things I decided to blog about what God has been saying to me and maybe it will help someone else. Todays facebook reads

Friends! Yesterday was spent with friends that mean a lot to me. Sisters in Christ that I can counsel and pray for although I do not see them often I am blessed when I do! The only thing is after counseling and praying for them I am left with a huge thought of the Holy Spirit saying! This is for you too!
1 Where ever you are right now BE THERE! SERVE ME!
2 IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU! Who are you there for if just one person!
3 TRUST ME FOR TOMORROW! If you listen to my voice I will confirm it!

As I look around at half made houses, roofs that leak and cars that hardly run, I see my life. I see a person that needs to get her home in order and needs to seek God. If all I see is on the outside than how can I love me and receive the love God has for me. Someone told me they want to be spent like me! Well if I do not fill up the inside how can I spend myself! I can only give God to others nothing we have belongs to us we ae sojourners! Yes from outside of my neighbors houses I see poverty!

On the inside of those houses I see TRUE POVERTY! Spriitual poverty a need that only Jesus can get inside of that locked door and fill the need! However He is a gentleman and will not break the lock He waits patiently! Revelation 3 20! I ask God this morning to please use me, us, our family to help to remove the chains off the doors of these neighbors. Can our witness bring softening of hearts, can our love, our willingness to serve. OR will we just be too tired, too busy or to righteous to love them. The poor you will have with you always says Jesus. So if we can bring Jesus to them daily changing lives and changing families than it will all be worth it.

For you see inside those broken down cars are really good stereos that sound good and entertain like banging symbals! But inside those houses with the leaking roofs and garage door walls are families struggling to make ends meet. Kids left at home for 12 hours a day so the parents can go to the fields and pick fruits and vegetables to export to the states. Well the economy in the states is down so there is less buying, less planting, less work for the parents. This results in more hopelessness, more drug use, more alcohol, more money being spent on useless things and less money to buy food and survive!

Yes we give clothes and food and water but what we really give is JESUS! Please pray for us today that we would shine so that the chains would be broken and doors would be open to receive Jesus!
This is Eva her dad Adan is a widower and Gilberto caring Eva cares for the whole family! Please pray God would use us to open their hearts and also to get them a house built soon! We are taking Eva to the doctor this week she has CP sever! They live across town where we are trying to reach to the North, South and East. We have friends already reaching the West! 


  1. Paulino and Christina we stand in agreement with you before our Holy God and pray that His will alone will be accomplished. Thank you for all that you do. You have truly been an inspiration to us and we know God smiles down upon you. We love you and there is nothing that you can do about it. Steve and Stella