Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas Day!

This is our title slogan! 

We are a family stepping out in faith to serve the families of Camalu, Mexico. We are being used by the Lord to bring healing to those hurting from drug addiction, those living in the trash dumps and all that the Lord brings across our path.

However what we did not know was that our being used by God would cause other believers to be used by God here and at their homes! Many have come and helped us go out to the dumps and also do evangelism around our little town of Camalu. The amazing thing is we did not realize how those teams would change our lives and how meeting the people we minister to would change their lives. 

Christmas presents! We are going to limit it to 50! Could you say no to little Gael, well December 25, we had 80 presents all hand picked by Alejandra (Paulino´s niece) who knows all the locals. Each childs name and age was read off and she filled up the pink back packs for the girls and filled up gift bags for the boys! Then we were also able to bless the mothers! Steve and Stella our new friends from New Beginnings Womens Association came to help with the kids and even stayed to go to the trash dump! Gianna slept through the whole program Jose loved watching the kids whose names were not on the list receive gifts of those who did not come that day. He always votes for the underdog!

Gael has the sweetest little personality! 

Paulino playing with the kids while we wait for everyone to show up!

Kids presents all passed out now it is the mothers turn to receive gifts! 

Ducks were cooking while we were sharing the love of Jesus to the children. Then Marlo and Jen (who we miss dearly) brought 3 more amazing people to help at the dump. We headed to Vicente Guerrero and the guys came to get their dinner, there was already someone serving them left over Pozole from their church the day before. I wanted to scream! These guys need to eat the other 364 days a year too! However what they need more is Jesus and the presence of Christians around them. I do not know how many believers go to the dump and dump stuff off the back of their trucks without even sharing Jesus with them! Handing them a sandwich or a glass of water! 

Someone commented that this was the best Christmas! I said sadly we live Christmas every day! There is never enough time in the day or year for that matter to reach all the poor and usually we try to do the kids a different day than the men however many days they come together. The best thing we can do is pray for all that we meet and tell them the truth! God has a plan for your life and this is not it! 

Please continue to pray for God to speak to these hearts! Also to speak to our heart! This year is bringing many new things! 

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