Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hijacking the Blog :)

Hi Friends....
    This is Shannon (a friend of Christina and Paulino), they have no idea that I am hijacking their blog...surprise! We just spent time on New Year's Day at Paulino and Christina's house helping to serve at the dump and to throw a party for the neighborhood kids. Can I just tell you that it is SO amazing to see all that God has done and is doing through the steps of faith these amazing friends have taken? They are the REAL deal!

They pour out the love of Christ to everyone who passes by....and they have people stopping in constantly. People who are hungry, people who have needs, children who need help with name it and they are doing it!

The beautiful house that they serve from!!!

So I wanted to share some pictures of those that they are loving everyday!

Their beautiful daughter Gianna!!!

And this....

Is their dream. To purchase this field across the street from their house and turn it into a park where children can come and have a safe place to play....

Wanna help???? Contact Christina :)

Most importantly, here are ways you can continue to pray for this amazing family!

Most of all life and good health for Jose! Praising God we just got a truck so we can take hime and his gramma to see their family in Oaxaca! He loves it there and misses his cousins there!

Prosperity of souls! We want to win souls and see lives changed for Jesus!

Protection for our little town from the rain many homes or roofs are not in good shape.

Provision that God will continue to provide all of our needs so that we can be a blessing to others.

Pray for open hearts and changed lives. God has given Paulino the gift of Evangelism so ALL will hear the WORD at ALL hours.

Pride! That we would be proud to say we are children of the Most High God and that our witness would speak for itself.

Practice! That those around us would practice what they are learning from us. Especially as the kids start to bring over their parents to get to know us. These families would come to live for Jesus and share with their neighbors in need. Also those that Paulino teaches construction skills will be able to leave the field labor and be away from the fumigation.

Practically God is showing us that meeting practical needs and helping others to become dependant on Jesus and not us! Cutting hair or a bucket of water preaches for itself!

I have a TON more pictures so just might have to hijack this again :)

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