Thursday, January 22, 2015

Look what I found from January 2014

I am cleaning up the lap top preparing for the kids to come and do their homework here on the internet and I came across this that I wrote this last year. I hope you can see it because each thing has been answered by God and the amazing team He is forming!
I can not stop crying. On Christmas day we were remembering how last Christmas we were freaking out on how we were going to make the payment on a land we were buying to help single mothers start a daycare and at the same place have a place to live. Also I had on my heart to start a sewing room and small business center for the women to make uniforms at low prices and be able to buy their own machines to work from home! Well Lord willing this will happen this summer.
The funniest part is we had no idea we would be living on this land! In January 2014 24th we moved here and we were going to celebrate however we will be at the open house of Eternal Anchor a new ministry providing a Christian home to children with severe disabilities and a daycare for other children with severe disabilities. This has been a dream of mine since I first went to Rancho Sordo Mudo before I was saved, and now to see it happening through some amazing young adults! God is moving in Camalu! God is bringing great things to this land that is so dry and so spiritually poor!
Yesterday Pipiloa brought Rodrigo, a man who used to live at the dump also, to our house to get some food and Paulino seen that he did not have a jacket and it was getting cold. Just an hour before our amazing partners at the dump ministry stopped by and had brought a jacket along with some other clothes! That is how our God works! We have seen so many more verses in Psalm 113 come to pass! Thank you so much for partnering with us and praying for us! It is not us you are partnering with but we can trully say it is God because in spite of who we are HE IS!

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