Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Blessed by His Wonderful Grace

Some of the smaller kids at our house on eating peanut butter and celery! We took out the chairs sinc they really do not fit into this small space and the kids can fit 8 around the table to eat standing up! The teens were hiding from the camera! 

My husband wanted to lasso the moon for me instead God put a ring around the sun! 

Paulino´s life long friend taking him out to see Rancho de Cristo. He was afraid to get out of the truck thinking we might leave him there! We told him God will not go against your own will but here it is when you are ready to be free from alcohol and drugs! 

Our youngest Uriel Jonatan giving his best at reading the daily Bible story. Each kid encourages the others as they read! I love to hear them answer my questions at the end. 

Not having a generator does not stop Glenda from cutting hair for the guys at the dump. We just go get them and bring them to our house for the Word some food and fellowship! God spoke to Glenda to ask them if they wanted to be free and both Pedro and Jose prayed to be free. Please continue to pray for them! 

Gabriela and her new baby and two boys were blessed with hand made blankets! 

Taking Jesus to the dump these men knew Paulino when he was on drugs years ago and they are Christians who work for the trash company. We encouraged them to love others out of their comfort zone! 

Please pray God will build our house. This trailer is what we live and minister in for now. We need a space before the rain comes. The winds are already getting to us! 

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