Friday, February 21, 2014

A Normal Week in Our Life!

What a great day we had sad but great! Glenda was over blessing us by cutting the kids hair on Sunday! Which she is going to start doing every week so that we can have a small church service and share the Word! These lovely ladies showed up from California! Well the two Georgian Peaches on the left live here. 

The sad part of our day was that Jesus who we met at the trash dump was recently deported from Los Angeles and Jen who lives close to his family brought money to put him on a bus to Jalisco where he has Mexican family who can help him. He was not willing to go even if we tried to guilt him into how much he is going to break his mother´s heart! He was willing to accept the bag of clothes she sent and we asked Jen to return the money to his mom so he would not smoke it. Please pray that God will get a hold of his heart and he will come to know Jesus while he is here. We seen him yesterday at the trash dump even though he tells us he has a job and a place to live. 

We we were able to go to the OB-GYN  we were given some very difficult news that the Rhogam that I need is very hard to find here and the doctor can get it but he would charge us $500 US dollars! This was a hard day since we paid our electric bill and the doctor visit and only had enough to buy toilet paper and yogurt! We know in these next few weeks God will show Himself faithful as always and care for this life he has put inside of me. I will need the shot in two weeks and then again after the baby is born.   

Tia Glenda has agreed to be on our team Happy Cross Camalu! She is such a blessing to us and thankful for open arms and hearts of IDT! Glenda is willing to do it all even cooking the beans and rice outside on an open fire. Sharing and loving with the guys no matter how dirty they are! This Sunday we will bring the guys from the dump to cut their hair. We are praying we can build a shower and bathroom at the dump and we can find a generator to take to do haircutting with us.  

Pedro standing by the water cans we now use to bring the guys water and a really nicely built pallet house at the dump. There are only two original guys at the dump from when we started 2 years ago Pedro and Jose who is 17 now and addicted to snorting glue. We continue to offer rehab to them however they feel hopeless! Please pray for God to move in all of the men but especially these two break our heart! 

A typical morning at my house! Please pray God keeps out the rain until we have a building for them to come into. We hardly fit around the table at breakfast. Today I made Frijoladas! Fried tortillas and left over beans you have to use what you have. When we have vegetables the kids do not like them because they are not something poor people can afford. Last night I made salad for dinner and the kids ate it!

Story time after they get tired of jumping rope which can be an hour or so! I tried to read just one Bible story a day but they always want more. Jose is locked inside because it is just too cold to be outside. In the afternoon we have some very nicely dressed kids who go to school in the morning. They are well cared for as their mom is a stay at home mom and the dad and grandfather have their own business. The only thing is just like these very poor kids in the picture whos parents work at 4am until late. ALL the kids and the parents need Jesus! 

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  1. Praying/hoping God will move upon hearts who read your blog & chip in 4 the $500. We r broke ourselves with paying 4 Linda's doc/hosp bills..God will provide !1