Saturday, February 22, 2014

You Can Jump Longer

I love my kids and all of their crazy comments! Today Uriel told his 10 year old sister that takes care of him 7 days a week it is not his fault she can jump longer just because his arm gets tired of turning the rope she needs to jump less!

Erica that same sister came over this morning for breakfast and asked what I was doing cooking a little pot outside on the fire! I said it is your breakfast she said oh you are out of gas lol Poverty sucks! These kids know way to much for thier age and live a very hard life. Every time she comes over in the morning her 6 year old brother has already exhausted her!

PLEASE PRAY! Tomorrow Glenda is cutting hair and Paulino giving a message as we bring the guys from the trash dump to cut hair. We no longer have access to a generator and are praying how to make a bathing room and bathroom for the guys to have some privacy!

After the message I will share a message with the kids and play with them!
God has provided for daily but the food of God has been the best blessing the kids love to hear the Word and today Enrique even quoted scripture!

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