Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wow what an amazing two weeks! Today was the best! God sent the pastor and another sister from the local church to visit us and pray with us and see how they can be a part of the ministry!
God is working in unity and bringing many together to serve Him and love on others. Paulino´s family has been an amazing blessing cooking for the trash dump and washing our clothes since I still can not do much.

From Tijuana to Camalu, God first spoke to me about living in Baja in 1996 on the TJ dump and this last week we were blessed with quilts made by a a woman who ministered there for 20 years! Well we were able to give blankets to many and especially pray for Gabriela and her new baby who was blessed with a baby blanket and a blanket for her and her two boys. Not to mention some of my diapers and toiletries! She moved here from Bakersfield with her husband and her two boys. They have since split up and the man that owns the rent a rooms was nice enough to take her in.She has now had a beautiful baby girl and was taken in by another woman who rents a room where we serve food. Praying a church will step up her baby is only 5 pounds and does not want to nurse!

Please keep praying for health in our house it seems like everyday our house is full of sick kids. We are here to minister to them so I can not close the door but praying God will put a huge hedge of protection around Jose. It is very cold and windy Paulino is fixing the trailer so we can have it more air tight but we have still not figured out a good way to seal the roof!

Praying for each of you and please feel free to send prayer requests to happycrosscamalu@gmail.com

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