Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Poverty Stinks

The other night there was a knock on our trailer door as we were discussing how to fix the trailer so it is liveable. At the door was a Paulino's brother in law and his sister. They had just seen a friend who always gives us strawberries and he needed to move off the land he was on tomorrow. 
His house was this tarp as a roof and 4 garage doors nailed together. They have three kids and both parents work in the fields.The men left at 7am the next morning to dismantle the doors aand take them to this land. It is about the quarter the size of ours and cost the same by the time they finish payments in 5 or more years. 
The property is on a hill and the dirt is horribly hard so Paulino is going to try to find some help to level it out so they can put the garage doors back up and Lord willing a roof. The 5 of them are now living in this tarp covered shack and the father works 24 hour shifts in the strawberry fields. 

When we start to sit and look at our situation God always seems to send someone to remind us that there is always someone out their that has it worse physically, financially, and mentally. 
The worst poverty of all is Spiritual and that is why we choose to love these people live Jesus does so that no matter what their bank account says they can know Jesus has them in His hands!   

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