Thursday, February 6, 2014

Serving out of poverty

Random Thoughts!
Please pray for our bodies! Paulino fell while carrying Jose into the trailer, I fell out of the trailer twice! Jose and Baby seem fine.

Being poor has a lot of blessings!

I see so much from the other side, as I say.

People are more open to come and offer a hand and more ready to receive one.

No one can think of another more highly because we are all poor.

You can stay poor because you have to shop at the little corner store that charges full price for a smaller size

Daily we receive or daily bread and are thankful for it!

The only solution to poverty is Jesus!

Really, the only solution to any of life's problems is Jesus!

Please pray for the newest resident of the Camalu trash dump! So sad that he is there and praying he does not get into the life! We also ran into a mother and her special needs son scavaging what they could find.

and thank you for praying for us too!

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